Friday, 2 December 2016

Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

Dental Implants are often the best treatment for missing teeth.  When a damaged or decayed tooth is removed, both the root and the visible part of the tooth called the crown are lost.

A dental implant is placed in the jawbone so that it can fuse with your natural bone and become a strong and sturdy foundation for replaced tooth. Implants can be used to replace an individual tooth or for an implant-supported bridge or a denture containing multiple teeth.

Who needs dental implants?

Dental implants are done for patients of  all ages and implants may be the right choice for anyone with missing teeth , multiple, or even all of their teeth due to injury, defects, disease or decay. They can even be an option for adolescents following puberty, when the jaw stops growing, typically for boys and girls aged 16-18. around 16 for girls and 18 for boys.

Types of dental implants

There are two common types of dental implants :
Endosteal Implants : Endosteal implants are placed in the jawbone. Typically shaped like small screws, cylinders or plates, they are the most commonly used type of implant.
Subperiosteal Implants : Subperiosteal implants are placed under the gum but on, or above, the jawbone. This type of implant may be used in patients who have a shallow jawbone and cannot or do not want to undergo a procedure to rebuild it.
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