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Bringing smile back with full arc dental implant

As a more civilized species on the planet, we are expected to follow certain pattern in tending our body to keep it healthy. This daily chore is often neglected and our much cherished gleaming tooth is a probable victim of this negligence. A searing toothache is a warning that we cannot ignore. The cause of which could range from malnutrition to its maltreatment.

For those who suffer from toothache or feet, their personality depleted by smeared teeth has a reason to smile once again as technology has brought to the forefront new ways of rebuilding the lost or decayed teeth and along with it the depleted confidence.


Causes of toothache

Multiple reasons could be pointed out as the cause of toothache:
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco are found to be the major culprits in causing toothache or tooth decay
  • Brushing the teeth very hard
  • Grinding the teeth while sleeping or at the moment of tension or stress
  • Lack of hygiene or failure to clean the teeth after food customarily can lead to decay of tooth

Dental implants

There are two types of dental implants;
  • End steal implants: These implants are placed on the jawbone usually integrated with titanium screws.
  • Subperiosteal implants: These are implants placed on the top of the jaw bone and preferred for those who don’t have enough jawbone to support the implant and don’t wish to go for bone augmentation.

Dental implant types

There is a catalog of dental implants available at present that ranges from a single tooth replacement to full mouth replacement.
The list includes;
  • Immediate load dental implants
  • Immediate loading basal dental implants
  • Mini dental implants
  • All-on-4, All-on-6, All-on-8 dental implants

Full mouth restoration

Full mouth restoration with dental implants is done using minimally invasive surgery or keyhole surgery. Full mouth restoration with dental implants is done using minimally invasive surgery or keyhole surgery. Anaesthetic drug is injected into the area marked for tooth restoration to cause numbness. For full mouth restoration All-on-4, All-on-6 or All-on-8 are the most preferred techniques available.

In All-on-4 two straight abutments on the top of titanium screws are placed on the front of the mouth and another two abutments on either side tilted at forty-five degrees to cover the full arc of the mouth.

All-on-6 and All-on-8 will have a more crowded dental post anchored to the jawbone. These two procedures are most suitable for patients with less jawbone structure for full arc restoration.

At times if the patient does not have enough crestal bone to support the dental implants bone augmentation or bone grafting is preferred to support the implant. Bone grafting can be done using tiny piece of bone extracted from the patient’s body or from a donor. Sinus lift and ridge expansion are also processes of bone augmentation.

Full mouth restoration with dental implants is advantageous over tradition dentures that it has less chance of falling apart. The other advantages of dental implants being negligible chance of infection and the sturdy support the titanium screws provide for the dental crowns.

In immediate loading basal implants, the implants are directly inserted into the jawbone, the cortical area of the jawbone. This avoids any need for bone augmentation or bone grafting.


Parasu Dental clinic, Chennai

Parasu Dental Clinic has at its core the values and ethics that would go a long way in endearing the patients. They take utmost care of the patients and senior citizens are accorded special attention. This touch of compassion and empathy is hard to find these days. The clinic is equipped with most modern technology and also houses an lb facility for the convenience of the patients. They offer a wide range of orthodontic prosthetic solutions like full mouth dental implants in Chennai by pleasing aesthetically at an affordable cost to the delight of the clients.
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Dental Implants In One Day

There are so many people who suffers from loss of teeth due to accidents, or tooth decay or old age. Perfect teeth gives a person the confidence to smile and look good. Even eating food is difficult without the right teeth since chewing becomes an issue. Thus, the importance of teeth for a person cannot be undermined. It’s a very important part of an individual.

one day dental implants chennai

Why Dental Implants?

A dental implant is the latest technique that dentistry offers you where the dental implants are secured in the jaw bone, just like the roots of your teeth. They won’t be visible once surgically placed.

In some cases, where the patient has lost too many teeth, dental implants can come to their rescue because they will look and feel completely natural. Dental implants will work just like your own teeth and will be very convenient too, without the hassle to remove them like dentures.

Can you get Dental Implants in one day? Yes! You can!

You can easily get your teeth implants in a single day.

Getting a missing tooth replaced on the same day helps you to get back to normal life faster. You don’t have to wait several months to replace a tooth. The latest technologies are here to help you regain that lost smile within one day.

If you have lost your teeth, then you can get a proper consultation from the experts and after analyzing your requirement, the dentists will suggest an implant. Within a few hours, after proper check-up, you can get your dental implants without any problems, and you can go home. Dental implants are surgically positioned onto the jaw bone and won’t come off.

Virtual screening and CT scan is done to check your gums and mouth and the dentist decides what type of procedure is required. This technology will help in targeting the exact locations for the implants. Within a few hours, the entire procedure will be over and you can get back to your party or wherever you need to go.

In short, getting an implant in a day saves you from discomfort, pain and embarrassment; which in turn saves your time and money.

same day tooth replacement chennai

Book your appointment today with Parasu Dental hospital

If you are searching for a dental clinic which offers implants at a reasonable price, where there is proper hygiene, and well-qualified staff, then your search ends here at Parasu Dental Hospital. We have proved ourselves to be the best dental implant clinic in Chennai, where we provide the best care and services combined with the most modern equipment.

We, at Parasu Dental Hospital, provide the best one day dental implants in Chennai. Our specialized team of dentists are equipped with the latest technology to give you your radiant smile back by providing the most reliable processes for a same day tooth replacement in Chennai.
Book your appointment today for a consultation.

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Monday, 30 July 2018

Solutions For Missing Teeth With Parasu Dental Care

Missing teeth can drastically alter a person's appearance, leading him or her into embarrassing situations. People with missing teeth usually have confidence issues that can impact the way they behave in public. They may also have speech difficulties and issues with eating normally. There is no doubt that missing teeth can disrupt lives and it’s important to seek healthy and effective remedial solutions at the earliest.

In today’s age, it’s impossible to arrive at safe and effective solutions for missing teeth without dental implants. A dental implant is a metallic frame or post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. It can be relied upon for easy mounting of replacement teeth. There is no doubt that implants offer a safer and long-lasting solution for missing teeth. Here are some dental implant solutions:

  • Single Tooth Replacement: The natural tooth and root are replaced by a crown and dental implant. This process is safer and long-lasting than the traditional bridgework performed to replace a missing tooth.
  • Missing Teeth Replacement: The missing teeth is replaced by bridges supported by dental implants. This is a permanent solution that delicately replaces the natural teeth and root. 
  • Full Mouth Dental Implant: A full bridge or denture is combined in tandem with a dental implant to replace lost natural teeth and roots. 
  • One Hour Dental Implant: The patient receives the new tooth or teeth through a computer-aided procedure. Applicable for patients with no teeth or waiting for extraction in bottom or top jaw.
  • Metal Free Dental Implant: An implant comprising zirconium dioxide is used to replicate missing teeth. It is ceramic and non-metallic in nature.
  • Zygomatic Implant: It is used in scenarios where there is excess bone loss and ordinary dental implants cannot be used.

Adults and children with one or more missing teeth can approach experienced dentists in their locality for dental implants. Parasu Dental Hospital is the best implant clinic in Chennai with state-of-the-art dental equipment and world-class Dentists. Since Parasu focuses entirely on implants, there is no doubt that their procedures rank among the safest in Chennai and the rest of the country.
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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Restoring your Smile through Full Mouth Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth issues? Have you resorted to dentures as a final option, coz you think its convenient? Well, that was a bad idea. But don't worry you have better options which are way more convenient that can restore your oral health. The most popular amongst them is the full mouth dental implant. We know you have your doubts. Here's us answering all your doubts.

full mouth dental implants chennai

What are Full mouth dental implants?

Full mouth dental implants are a set of multiple implants which can restore the entire lower set or upper set of missing teeth in one complete bridge.

Who can opt for full mouth dental implants?

The requirements of a  Full mouth dental implant is similar to that of any dental implants. The treatment is suitable for any healthy person. But it is always advisable to approach your dentist first, to any relevant decisions related to your oral health.

What are the procedures associated with full mouth dental implants?

As a first step, your dentist will place the implants, (which are similar to screws or cylinders in appearance) into your jaw. Then the implants and the jawbones are left to bond for the next two months. The time taken to bond can even extend up to six months. The bonded implants and bones will function as an anchor for the artificial teeth. After this procedure, the crowns are attached to the implants, thus completing the foundation on which the new teeth will be placed. The gums are left to heal for a couple of weeks. The implant is custom made to meet your requirements. It fills the gap as it will be positioned as one bar of teeth accordingly. The full mouth dental implant is permanent and eliminates the need up to remove your implants from time to time.

 full mouth dental implants chennai

What are the advantages of full mouth dental implants over conventional methods of treatment for missing teeth?

  • Helps in restoring the chewing and biting ability as it functions like the natural teeth.
  • Permanent solutions that are comfortable.
  • While the conventional dentures can cause bone deterioration, the dental implants bond with the jawbone which facilitates the functioning of the new set of teeth and there will be no signs of bone deterioration.
  • You can have any sort of food with full mouth dental implants, unlike the conventional dentures and bridges.

Do you want to restore your healthy smile with a full mouth dental implants in Tamilnadu? Then, do visit Parasu Dental Hospital,  one of the best dental implants clinics in Chennai, for expert treatment under efficient dentists.

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Long lasting support of dental implants with Immediate Dental Implants

Dental implantology has come as a boon to those shy to expose the flailing tooth, degenerated or decayed from a prolonged period of accumulated bad habits. It’s not only the tooth that is affected, but also the gum surrounding the tooth. The introduction of dental implantology has been in vogue in western countries and the US since 1960’s through the technique found its niche in India much later, a decade or so earlier. A lot of dental surgeons returning after a stint abroad established their own dental clinics and hospitals in the mold that matched international hospitals seeking to bridge the gap in the awareness of dental implantology in India.

immediate teeth replacement chennai

Reasons for tooth decay

  • Smoking and chewing tobacco have been a perilous pastime for people to beat stress which later gets converted into a self-inflicting addiction.
  • Brushing the teeth very hard can initiate gum degeneration.
  • Teeth need daily maintenance and not cleaning it properly after having food leaves traces of food particles in between the tooth leading to fungal infection later causing decay of tooth.

Immediate dental implant techniques

Dental implant technology has advanced to an extent of providing immediate loading of implants within three days with groundbreaking inventions. The techniques commonly used for immediate loading of implants are;
  • Immediate loading basal implants
  • Mini dental implants
  • All –on-4, All-on-6 and All-on-8 dental implant techniques for a full arc or full mouth restoration.

Procedure of immediate loading dental implants

Immediate loading of dental implants requires enough gums and jawbone tissues to support the implants. In case of a deficiency in bone tissue, the patient will have to go for bone grafting or bone augmentation, sinus lift and ridge expansion.

immediate loading implants tamilnadu
 The procedure involves drilling hole in the jawbone and inserting a titanium screw thus integrating the abutment and the implant with the bone. Titanium has the exceptional quality of merging with the bone tissues and supporting its growth. A tooth colored ceramic cap is placed over the abutment to provide an authentic feature. The abutments are available as single-piece, two-piece, and three-piece structures.

In the case of immediate loading basal implants, the available cortical area of the jawbone structure is utilized to insert the titanium screws and the abutment. An anaesthetic injection is administered before the surgery to the patient to cause numbness in the cortical region of the jaw. A minimally invasive surgery or keyhole surgery is performed to create holes to insert titanium screws and abutments in the place of the removed degenerated tooth. The cortical bones provide sufficient support to the implants.

All-on-4, All-on-6, and All-on-8 follow similar procedures for full mouth restoration. In All-on-4 while two screws are installed straight in the front of the mouth the other two screws are placed on either side tilted at forty-five degrees.

The inherent advantages of immediate loading basal implants are;
  • Less chance of infection
  • Less healing time
  • Can be done in a limited time frame
  • Elimination of bone grafting and bone augmentation
  • Achieves best aesthetic result

Immediate Loading Implants Tamilnadu @ Parasu Dental Clinic

Parasu Dental Clinic, dental implant clinic in Chennai, offers a variety of dental treatments that suits best for the patients need. Equipped with the latest technology and supported by a team of experienced surgeons and dental specialist in Chennai puts the clinic in a prominent spot as a place to go for dental treatments and dental implants. The clinic has an in-house lab that takes care of the pre-surgical tests saving a lot of time. Parasu Dental Hospital promises expert and precise Immediate Teeth Replacement in Chennai at affordable cost by taking the patient into confidence at each step of the treatment.
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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Ease of Mini Dental Implants

Loss of natural teeth is a huge traumatic situation where a person can lose confidence and smile. Mini dental implant permits to retain missing teeth and speak normally with full confidence without any hesitation to smile.

Mini Dental Implant (MDI):-

In general words, Mini Dental Implant (MDI) is an ideal way to replacing missing teeth and this technology is perfect for the makeover of the missing teeth. The structure of the mini dental implant is more shorten in size approx 1.8 to 3.3 mm in diameter and 10 to 15 mm long i.e., almost half in size of the full dental implant. The composition of (MDI) is made of the chemical ‘titanium’ and with the aid of surgery, its places and adjoins into jawbones beneath the area of gum line that permits implantologist to settle a crown on top of that to gives a natural appearance. Unlike traditional dental implant, the mini dental implant does not require an abutment because a mini implant contains a small ball at its end.


Best Mini Dental Implant Chennai:-

Parasu Dental Hospital situated in Chennai is the best dental care provides all ranges of dental health care, professional dental implant services, surgeries and Laser Dental approach. It offers an upgraded level of laser dental treatments. Their technicians certified in the prosthetic procedures and work together with the implantologist and patient for better results. Parasu Dental Hospital owns experienced team of Implantologists, dentist, specialists and lab technicians who are dedicated professionals.

Mini implants are divided into two parts. One is where a titanium post attaches to a ball on the end and another is a socket accompanied by a rubber O-ring that connects the tooth to the post.


The requirement of the mini dental implant 

  • Appropriate for who seeks instant and easy solution. 
  • It is suitable when patients do not have necessary amount of bones in the mouth.
  • It is more cost-effective compared to traditional implant
  • Application of the Minimal invasive surgical protocol
  • There is no sutures are given
  • Immediate fixation of the denture
  • It can fix in narrow ridges
  • Possible in few one or two visits 
  • New teeth/implant can practice same day.
Implantologists examine the affected area by performing X-ray and afterwards, fix mini implant with the help of local anaesthesia in a single day only. Just as a natural teeth mini dental implant also requires the same type of care as brush twice with fluoride toothpaste. After completion, the gums become sensitive so dentist recommends cleaning them with an extra soft-bristled toothbrush.

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Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Oral surgeries to have dental implants are quite common today, but the traditional methods make it a cumbersome procedure. Zygomatic implants are an alternative to more traditional implants which involve drilling directly into the jawbone. Zygomatic implants are anchored in the upper jawbone, which is close to the dense zygoma bone.

When  compared to the traditional methods, zygomatic implants provides an extra secure foundation to the dental implants
Zygomatic implants can be used even if the patient has a deteriorated jaw whereas traditional implants could not be used.
Fixed teeth replaced after three days, the usual recovery being four months.
Zygomatic implants does not require bone grafts

The procedure of pacing a Zygomatic Implant is similar to conventional implant placement.It is performed under general anesthesia by an experienced Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. It is placed through the crest posterior maxilla and either through Intra / Extra / Extended sinus, it is anchored into the cortex of the Zygoma bone.   

Parasu is the leader in dental care and dental implants in Chennai. With our innovative approach and experienced team of doctors, specialists and lab technicians, the clinic provided top tire dental service at affordable prices. With lifetime warranty for all implants and latest technology and equipment, Parasu Clinic strives to provide impeccable care to all patients.

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