Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Guided Implant Surgery: An Advanced implant treatment

Life has become easier and more convenient since the development in technology we have encountered in the recent years. They have made themselves known in various realms of life including dentistry. Guided implant surgery, a recent innovation in dental treatments has created quite some ripples in the field.

Every change, whatever the field they are in, is often met with a mixed response from the people. However guided implant surgery when performed under the administration of a trained expert is one of the best improvements that could happen in implant dentistry. Guided implant surgery is well acknowledged for its improved safety, predictability and efficiency.

With a team of well trained experts, Parasu Dental Clinic is the most advanced dental implant clinics in Chennai. The facilities and infrastructure at the clinic are in line with the best in field. This improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the procedures conducted here.

Guided implant surgery involves a computer aided procedure involving computerised scanning, evaluation and testing before the implant is designed and placed in place of the missing tooth. This ensures better predictability and safety as the patient is able to evaluate the procedure beforehand. Guided implant surgery ensures better aesthetic quality as well as a speedier outcome.
The initial procedure involves the evaluation of the patient and prior clinical history to ascertain if the patient is a right candidate for the procedure. The necessary tests and measurements are taken in the subsequent sittings. Guided implant surgery is a relatively risk free and faster alternative to conventional implant treatments.

Over the past few decades, dentistry has shown amazing growth, so has the number of dental clinics in your area. While implant surgery is conducted in most places these days, the safety and efficiency of the procedure is questionable if the centre lacks skill and infrastructure to manage the complications that may arise.

Parasu Dental Clinic, with an experience of catering to the dental needs of patients for a long time, is one that is up to date when it comes to technology and skill. 

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