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Restoring your Smile through Full Mouth Dental Implants

Do you have missing teeth issues? Have you resorted to dentures as a final option, coz you think its convenient? Well, that was a bad idea. But don't worry you have better options which are way more convenient that can restore your oral health. The most popular amongst them is the full mouth dental implant. We know you have your doubts. Here's us answering all your doubts.

full mouth dental implants chennai

What are Full mouth dental implants?

Full mouth dental implants are a set of multiple implants which can restore the entire lower set or upper set of missing teeth in one complete bridge.

Who can opt for full mouth dental implants?

The requirements of a  Full mouth dental implant is similar to that of any dental implants. The treatment is suitable for any healthy person. But it is always advisable to approach your dentist first, to any relevant decisions related to your oral health.

What are the procedures associated with full mouth dental implants?

As a first step, your dentist will place the implants, (which are similar to screws or cylinders in appearance) into your jaw. Then the implants and the jawbones are left to bond for the next two months. The time taken to bond can even extend up to six months. The bonded implants and bones will function as an anchor for the artificial teeth. After this procedure, the crowns are attached to the implants, thus completing the foundation on which the new teeth will be placed. The gums are left to heal for a couple of weeks. The implant is custom made to meet your requirements. It fills the gap as it will be positioned as one bar of teeth accordingly. The full mouth dental implant is permanent and eliminates the need up to remove your implants from time to time.

 full mouth dental implants chennai

What are the advantages of full mouth dental implants over conventional methods of treatment for missing teeth?

  • Helps in restoring the chewing and biting ability as it functions like the natural teeth.
  • Permanent solutions that are comfortable.
  • While the conventional dentures can cause bone deterioration, the dental implants bond with the jawbone which facilitates the functioning of the new set of teeth and there will be no signs of bone deterioration.
  • You can have any sort of food with full mouth dental implants, unlike the conventional dentures and bridges.

Do you want to restore your healthy smile with a full mouth dental implants in Tamilnadu? Then, do visit Parasu Dental Hospital,  one of the best dental implants clinics in Chennai, for expert treatment under efficient dentists.

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