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Dental Implants In One Day

There are so many people who suffers from loss of teeth due to accidents, or tooth decay or old age. Perfect teeth gives a person the confidence to smile and look good. Even eating food is difficult without the right teeth since chewing becomes an issue. Thus, the importance of teeth for a person cannot be undermined. It’s a very important part of an individual.

one day dental implants chennai

Why Dental Implants?

A dental implant is the latest technique that dentistry offers you where the dental implants are secured in the jaw bone, just like the roots of your teeth. They won’t be visible once surgically placed.

In some cases, where the patient has lost too many teeth, dental implants can come to their rescue because they will look and feel completely natural. Dental implants will work just like your own teeth and will be very convenient too, without the hassle to remove them like dentures.

Can you get Dental Implants in one day? Yes! You can!

You can easily get your teeth implants in a single day.

Getting a missing tooth replaced on the same day helps you to get back to normal life faster. You don’t have to wait several months to replace a tooth. The latest technologies are here to help you regain that lost smile within one day.

If you have lost your teeth, then you can get a proper consultation from the experts and after analyzing your requirement, the dentists will suggest an implant. Within a few hours, after proper check-up, you can get your dental implants without any problems, and you can go home. Dental implants are surgically positioned onto the jaw bone and won’t come off.

Virtual screening and CT scan is done to check your gums and mouth and the dentist decides what type of procedure is required. This technology will help in targeting the exact locations for the implants. Within a few hours, the entire procedure will be over and you can get back to your party or wherever you need to go.

In short, getting an implant in a day saves you from discomfort, pain and embarrassment; which in turn saves your time and money.

same day tooth replacement chennai

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We, at Parasu Dental Hospital, provide the best one day dental implants in Chennai. Our specialized team of dentists are equipped with the latest technology to give you your radiant smile back by providing the most reliable processes for a same day tooth replacement in Chennai.
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