Thursday, 1 June 2017

Replace Fallen Teeth With Dental Implants In A Day

Nothing enhances our beauty more than a smile and there is nothing better to ruin it than a missing or decayed tooth! Missing tooth is a nightmare, not just because it is an aesthetic disaster but for its functional capabilities as well. However, it doesn’t have to be so, anymore.

Dental implants in a day, a revolutionary milestone in the field of dental implant treatment, makes it now possible to replace missing or decayed tooth with a single clinical appointment. The procedure helps in successful single tooth replacement, multiple or all teeth within a single day.

Procedure Of Dental Implants In A Day

The procedure for dental implants in a day is initiated with planning of the treatment. This is done during the initial consultation after conducting a check up with a Virtual reality software and CT scan. This helps in analysing the issue and identifying the correct locations for placing the implant abutments.

The tooth bridges are also designed during the planning phase to be placed on the implants. These are fabricated aesthetically to resemble natural teeth in look and feel. They are non removable and hence are made from durable material.

On the day planned for the implant procedure, the implants are placed at the location pre-determined with the help of the software and scan. The implants are designed to accurately fit into the surgical sites and hence do not need time for healing. The tooth replacements or bridges created earlier are attached on the implants on the same day.

The procedure of dental implants in a day is quite helpful for the aged patients as well, as they help in reversing the aging process and restoring full oral functionality within a single day.

Benefits Of Dental Implants In A Day

The various benefits of dental implants in a day are as follows: -
  • Provides a quick and efficient replacement for falling teeth
  • Restores aesthetic quality within 24 hours
  • Restores functionalities such as chewing, speech and so on in a day
  • Robust and strong as natural teeth
  • Restores confidence, beauty and self esteem
  • Does not interfere with jaw bone integrity
  • Permanent solution for fallen tooth
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