Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Dental Implants In An Hour !!!

Parasu Dental Hospital bids a groundbreaking dental implant technique that can immediately and surely replace failing or missing teeth within an hour. We help our patients regain quality of life and self-confidence, in an hour. One hour Dental Implant dramatically reduce the time of the implant treatment.

How does it work?

The technique includes sophisticated radiographic methods combined with computer technology to enable precise surgical placement of the implants.  Comprehensive 3-D imaging allows deciding the exact position of the implants.
The implants fit exactly into the surgical sites prepared for them, hence there is a little healing time required for the bone to fill in the gap. Implants are ready for immediate function. The restorations can be loaded right away without waiting. One-hour dental implant procedure is used for single tooth, multiple teeth and all teeth replacements.

One Hour Dental Implant  procedure:

  • X-ray evaluation to determine if the patient is suitable for One hour Dental Implants
  • CT-scans for dental planning
  • 3D model of the jaw for enhanced dental planning
  • Final or temporary prosthetics preparations from 3D Model
  • Implants are surgically installed with high accuracy, assuring no swelling or discomfort
  • The prosthesis is fixed immediately after implant placement.
  • All done in one hour

Benefits of One Hour Dental Implant

One hour Dental Implant is a very popular technique with many advantages:
  • One hour dental implant surgical procedure takes only an hour
  • Incision-free procedure — no sutures required
  • Minimum healing time
  • Minimal discomfort, pain and swelling
  • Ned only a few dental check ups
  • Teeth are flawlessly tailored to fit each mouth
  • Teeth look and feel natural
  • Instantaneously functioning, aesthetically pleasing teeth

Suitable candidates for One Hour Dental Implant

The procedure is essentially for patients who do not want to wait for six months, but also should fulfil certain criteria:
  • Should have enough jawbone density
  • No teeth or is planning for all tooth extractions in either top jaw, bottom jaw, or both
Parasu dental hospital, has highly experienced and qualified Dental Implantologist in India. The hospital has all the world class facilities to perform dental implants and other procedures.
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